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January 30, 2006

Well, I am back from Africa. It was a great trip. I spent the first week on
the Nile on the day one section at a really nice camp called Nile River
Explorers. The second week we moved downstream to the day two section and
the great wave, Nile Special. There we stayed at a camp called the Harry

The water level on this trip was a lot lower then when I was there last, but it was still very good. I found myself on the first day just trying to get
used to the massive volume of the river. You adjust quickly though, and a
couple of later it just feel normal, like rivers should feel.

Nile special
was amazing and I had the chance to learn a few new tricks. Everyone one our trip was paddling so well that for the first time in a long time a really
just felt average. It was pretty awesome to watch and to be part of.

was shooting two new instructional videos and I can’t help but think that
they are both going to turn out very well.
Unfortunately for me I re injured my neck, again, a couple of days before it was time to leave. So, tomorrow I am heading over the mountain to see my
good buddy Jay Patt, whom I believe to be the best chiropractor ever. He is the chiropractor I used in Perth when I first got injured out there. Hopefully he will get me all straightened out and I can start to be pain free for the first time in months.

Also, while in Africa it was really great to see the results from all of the hard work, fund raising, and money given out of pocket, by Emily Jackson and Jessie Stone. They have both been very involved in the creation and support
of a new health clinic there along the river, as well as the on going
process of Malaria education. It was very inspiring to say the least. It can be really easy to look at major problems in the world and justify not doing
anything because it hard to believe that one person can really help. Well
,luckily for the world there are people out there like Jessie and Emily who
believe that they can make a difference, and they are.