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March 6, 2006

The Ricochet will officially be for sale on March 21st, 2006 when we are open for business at 9am central time, Monday morning. We can make about 5 per week out of the mold. This means that if you want yours right away- you’ll want to get your order in by then. We won’t turn down orders before then, but we won’t start making them until then.

The things you need to know:

If you are not super serious about slalom racing, and you can deal with a 19.5 pound boat, instead of an 18.5 pound boat, you should order the “National Layup”. My boat is a national layup right now. I will use this most of the time, until I decide to hit the race circuit seriously. If money is not an object, go for the International Layup which is primarily Carbon, and is TOP OF THE LINE in every way. You save $300 with the National Layup and it comes in at $1650, plus shipping (about $175)

Call your local dealer and use this as your guide:

Under 110 pounds: Cadet Cut
110-140 pounds: Junior Cut
140-190 pounds: Full Cut
190+ pounds: Plus Cut (Extra Charge for this one, price TBA)

Colors: Blue, White, Yellow, and Red are all standard. Custom colors and graphics available for a charge to be determined based on the difficulty of making it.

  • I am 160 pounds and paddle the Yellow, National Layup, Full Cut Ricochet
  • Emily is 128 pounds and will paddle a custom color Pink Junior Cut national Layup Ricochet
  • Dane is 67 pounds and will Paddle a red Cadet cut national layup Ricochet.
  • Colin Kemp from Valley mill is 235 pounds, 6’5” and will paddle the Plus Cut.




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EJ & Ricochet