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June 9, 2006

Jackson Kayak was the title sponsor this week’s Golden
Rodeo. The Rodeo was held in downtown Golden’s
whitewater park. Prior to the rodeo Devon did a
women’s playboating clinic. Devon had six women in
her "Star Clinic." They all mastered spinning,
enders, maneuvering in the hole, and a few loops.
Gary Mullins has been organizing weekly clinics for
the local paddlers. The women asked when the next
clinic was going to be. During the clinic Jason
trained and played at all the different places in the

As I (Devon) finished my clinic I was recruited to
judge the rodeo as there were a lot of pro men there
but no pro women. I love judging so I was happy to do
it. Gary had banners, music, live mike, and prizes
for everyone. I think he is one of the best
organizers out there. Gary’s wife, Christy, made it
all happen and between the two of them they have an
awesome rodeo series in their community.

Jason amazed the crowd in the Jr.s with McNastys both
ways and an airloop to the win. He also competed in
the expert men where he took third behind Seth Chapell
and Eric Bissel. Brian Door judged the women so I
could coach my new friends from the clinic from the
bank. They did so great!

I (Jason) thought the whitewater park in Golden was
"AWESOME." There were kayakers, tubbers, and boggie
boarders. The after party did me in. I was so tired
I fell asleep at the table.

We are off to paddle in Lawson and then back to Salida
to train for Nationals!

Jason and Devon