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October 18, 2006

By Jon Best

Hi EJ,

So a great couple of weeks over. On the weekend of the 7th and 8th saw the
Peak Uk challenge and the British Championships. The challenge consists of a
freestyle comp, a downriver race and an extreme slalom race, and the new Fun was the perfect boat for the job, I managed to win the overall Peak
Challenge thanks the speed and control of the new Fun not to mention its
awesome play ability. On the Sunday saw the British Champs, I jumped in the
All Star as the hole was more suited to a shorter playboat, after some
awesome rides seen by Pringle and Ed Smith I managed to push through to
first place, thanks again to the All Star and its huge looping capability.

The following weekend was Selection for the British team, the event again
was held at Nottingham, 2 features, 3 rides, 2 best rides count. The
competition was tough and some massive scores were seen all over the board.
The Team selected is a strong one, and its great to see some new faces.
The Men and Women’s team in order is. To see all of the results check out

Men’s K1:

Ed Smith

James ‘pringle’ Bebbington

Jon Best

Jeff Grainger

Dickey Chrimes

Res, Pas Blackwell

Women’s K1:

Claire O’Hara

Fiona Jarvie

Lynsey Evans

Res, Deb Pinnigerr

Thanks, see you on the water?


Photos courtesy of, Peter Mears, Peak UK,


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The 3 Winners

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The big win