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One of the highlights for me at this world cup was watching Jase, who’s nickname at the plant is “local boy” get 9th place in prelims. Just behind him was Tim Collins, who is another one of our staff members, that entered the event, and took 11th. Both of these guys were “representing” the Jackson Kayak staff, who were all at the event wearing their staff T-shirts and cheering them on. John Ratliff made the comment to Jase that he thought Jase could make the semi-finals. Jase said, no way, if I make Semi-finals, I will pull my skirt and swim. (that costs $5 at the factory towards the Gauley Swim Fund). Well, sure enough Jase made it and in his second semi-finals ride, with time left, he pulled his skirt and swam out of the hole! That had the crowd on its feet!

You can find excellence in every aspect of the Jackson Kayak factory staff and team, and in this case, these guys showed the world that they are top tier paddlers here at Rock Island!

🙂 EJ