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Jesse Coombs is an exceptional member of Team JK and someone that everyone would be better off knowing. His attitude is such that you are always happier when he is around, know that he would do anything to prevent being the weak link, and go out of his way to always pull more than his weight. His intensity and desire when paddling is something that reminds me of me and something I personally seek out for a paddling buddy.

Hi EJ,

Here is a summary of what Jackson Kayak means to me.

More than anything, Jackson Kayak represents congruity in my life. There are certain things you do in your life that you know are a perfect fit. Jackson Kayak is a perfect fit for me. The Jackson family and Jackson Kayak organization are congruent with what I want in my life. Jackson Kayak represents

  • excellence in every thing attempted
  • integrity in every decision made
  • honesty in every communication
  • family as a priority
  • a burning desire to do something greater with our lives and carry positive energy into everything we do
  • having fun is a top priority in life
  • no compromise on lifestyle
  • world class athleticism

There are also the more tangible benefits of being a team member of Jackson Kayak such as new opportunities and friends in kayaking and more time on the river. This certainly is the candy of being a team Jackson Kayak member. And I also truly love the tangible meaning Jackson Kayak has for me in the achievement of many kayaking and travel goals that have been more satisfying than I could have ever hoped. This brings a smile to my face.

The deeper aspect of Jackson Kayak is that is represents the greater intent of my life. I am very deliberate about who I spend time with, because I want positive inspiring influences in my life. I consider Jackson Kayak squarely in that category.