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I am very happy to finally bring fun, family oriented, lightweight, confidence inspiring, versatile kayaks to everyone! Jackson Kayak has created a sensation in the kayaking industry with simple sustainable philosophies, a personal “one individual or family at a time” approach, and just the right product for our customers. We started our business making whitewater kayaks and in three short years have become the leading maker of whitewater kayaks and have redefined the paddling experience.

Today, we are making our Day Tripper kayaks available to preview, and taking orders from dealers. What does this mean to you? It means that you will be able to look to a small, family owned company for the kayaks that are designed to swiftly, safely, and easily take you and your friends, your kids, and your dog out on the beautiful inland waterways of the world! Innovation isn’t always achieved by technical magicians, but often through common sense, experience, and most importantly, the burning desire to do things right. (technical expertise is in good supply and gets used to our limits as well, of course!). Some of the things that will help make your kayaking experience as enjoyable and rewarding as it can be as a Jackson Rec customer.

  • Your boat will be lightweight, comfortable, durable, versatile, and it will inspire confidence in you while paddling.
  • You will be able to easily contact the owner (EJ), customer service manager (Carman), brand manager (Marty), or factory staff, and of course the best dealers in the business for any reason.
  • You will even be able to put up your own photos on the Jackson Rec website and trip reports, funny stories, or boat reviews to share your fun with others.
  • You will be supporting the outdoor environment as we have committed over $20,000 to protecting the environment in 2006 and again in 2007.
  • You can rest easy knowing that we are here to stand behind what we make.

The new Day Trippers will start off in the littlest size, offering your pre-teen and early teen kids a perfect boat to accompany you and your spouse on the water. Our simple innovations, such as a wide open cockpit to allow you easy access to your food, toys, and even your favorite four legged pet while enjoying a stable fast, easy to paddle kayak. Want to bring your youngest child in your boat? No problem, we left you plenty of open space in the cockpit for a friend.

Our whitewater boats are known for superior durability due to better molding, better materials, and intelligent outfitting design. Our Day Tripper is no different. We have chosen to use the best super linear HDPE material on the market, in our mid-range kayak, as you would find in much more expensive kayaks from other brands.

I hope to see you on the water!


Eric Jackson

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