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Hi EJ,

I just got a new Mega Rocker and I wanted to say I think you guys hit one out of the park on this one. After I demoed one I put my
“XXXX” up for sale and ordered a Mega.

I got mine on a small steep creek in Pa. and wow I felt so much more in control!! In that short time I have had to play with it, I have to say I love this creeker.

The whole design appears to me to have been very well thought through. Very user friendly and of course comfortable. It took almost no effort to roll it. That’s a lot of boat to roll to!! I could go on about the boat but I am sure you know what it can do better than I.

I love the flip up bulk head, the bulk head system in total and the new back band. The design is just great!! The handle to carry the beast. It shoulders great too. For me the hip pad sits right on my shoulder and the handle on the bulk head keeps it there. The accessory loops in the back. I can get my feet out and on the center pillar real easy. All my previous creeks had smaller cockpits and I always worried about getting my legs out in a pin situation.

I can’t wait for the weather to break so I can get on some really steep stuff. I am really fired up about this baby!

This boat is defiantly different that the others out there. It is the biggest but where you put the volume in genius. High in the hull not all in length or width. It is only used when you need it. Going deep or in nasty drops with water coming at you from every which way trying to push you off line. Not gumming things up when you don’t need it. That proves you guys are really trying new stuff. Not just tweaking a few things but really moving in a new direction.

With this boat you guys are definitely no longer just a play boat company! This is a full on creeker.

This is my third Jackson boat I have purchased. This is not because I am brand loyal. I have owned a boat from just about every boat manufacturer. I have switched back and forth to what I like. I have had a super star for three years now. That’s a record for me.

I remember a good bit of talk after you guys started up how Jackson would eventually become like all the other boat companies out there. That you couldn’t keeps it’s designs and service like those from a small company. That you couldn’t keep your cost down and still make the Cross link boats. Well I think you guys have gotten pretty big and you still are listening to the little guy. I think you have pretty much defeated the nay sayers!!

Innovation in a creek boat. Not easy but impressive.

Congratulations and keep up the good work!!!!