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Another great milestone going on here at Jackson Rec. The plug for the Day Tripper 12 is off to the mold maker. The light at the end of the tunnel is nearing and boy does it feel good. As you can see, these boats are turning out really nice. This twelve footer will have the option of adding an additional seat to the front of the cockpit and making it an instant tandem for your kids or smaller adults! Either that, or leave out the seat and just bring your favorite 4 legged friend along for the day. We are just finishing the seat back and have just the thwart-like dashboard still to go…. Very cool indeed.

The orders are flowing in nicely. If you don’t have your orders in yet, please do so promptly… we are getting quite a backlog but our hope is to have 1 retail/1 demo at each of our dealers by the mid part of May.

We are on track for shipping in the first week of May!!! YES