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Billy Harris has always been someone that my kids, Nick, and so many others have said, “That is a guy we want on our team!” I knew he was an awesome paddler but never really got to know him well enough away from the times where we are staring each other down at a major event. Billy has his own approach to competition and we are not out of the same mold, making our encounters awkward. Finally, this winter in Africa, we got to know each other better and I got to see the un-guarded Billy Harris that so many others get to see regularly. I can’t say enough good things about him and his value to our sport and those who he gets to instruct. His influence on teen kayakers is unreal, and he is know as the guy who “speaks my language” as everyone who has ever been coach by him says. Finally, I can feel more comfortable when it is the finals and Billy and I are in them together. If he beats me, at least now, I will have lost to a guy in a Jackson Kayak! Welcome Billy!



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