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Just a quick thanks from the UK regarding the classic Star. Before i bought the classic star, which was just under a year ago my playboating has progressed from enders and
pirouettes to clean cartwheels, airscrews, helixes and loops!!! I have never found a boat which was so comfortable, dry and easy to slice around. I’m 14
& weigh about 120 lbs and could never find a boat which suited me until i
found the star. Not only is it awesome in a hole, but it is great on a wave
too, it’s really easy to carve and surf, as well as throwing down aerials
down at hurley. I’ve also got about five other people to convert to Jackson
Kayak, and buy a boat in the star series. Earlier this year i tried the new
07 star and that was really awesome. I thought you couldn’t get much better
than the classic star but i was wrong. The new star is so much , lighter and faster than anything out there and i couldn’t find anything it wouldn’t do.
I can’t wait until i can afford it!!! Thanks EJ and David Knight for
designing the most ultimate kayaks in the world!!! Good Luck to team JK @
the world championships on Buseater. (sure wish i lived there….)

Tom 🙂