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By Stephen Wright

Dane, EJ, and I were lucky enough to enjoy Corner Wave on the Ottawa
this afternoon at the perfect level. Although EJ was only able to do 3
rides on film (while coaching his weekend’s students), he hit great moves.
Dane was constantly in motion on the waves’ face: moving quickly from clean
blunts, flashbacks, HUGE blunts, to pan-ams. I was enjoying dialing-in
Helixes, clean blunts, and trying to stick McNastys and AirScrews.

Corner Wave (locally referred-to as "C-Dub") is incredibly steep, smooth,
and FAST. It’s a very unique feature, and just surfing and spinning feels
incredible! The 07 Stars have really set us free here. I had a blast
watching Dane…the wave is HUGE on him…kinda makes me jealous…but now I
know how taller paddlers feel when watching Rafa and I….ANYWAY, Enjoy the
(QuickTime, 6.2 MB)

Live from Robertson’s Cabin in KWDH,
Stephen Wright