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October 8, 2007

Eric, Carman,

Yes, it was my kayak but since I had lent my Classic All Star to a friend
and I am in no way a party to this and share no embarrassment or credit
this event, I will report the facts as they have filtered back to me.

It was during the Ocoee drawdown, when my All Star found itself in a no
parking space in the pull off by Hell Hole. A person sitting behind the
steering wheel of her car managed to drive over my All Star; spot on –
driver side wheels over the stern and passenger side wheels over the bow.
The boat was flatter than a pancake. Outfitting, walls, everything was out
of place. (you may need to beef up the outfitting if you want people to be
able to drive over your kayaks or make the kayaks shorter so they fit
between the wheels) My friend had to break out his spare boat for the rest
of the day and left the All Star in the sun. The cross link plastic’s
has kicked in and the hull is back to its original shape. The outfitting
been screwed back in and the boat is like new.

Rumor has it there are photos and video of this event of which I have not
yet viewed. I want to see the photos.

Eric you build good boats. Any time you build a boat which you can drive a
car over, and it repairs itself; well, that deserves some recognition.