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By Jay Kincaid

Life in Reno has been good. Dane is here visiting Jason and they came over the other night during Halloween. I thought that they looked a little old to be tricker treating, but I gave then some candy bars anyway, as I was out of Mountain Dew. Yep, I decided that next year instead of handing out candy I am going to give the little kids Mountain Dew. Anyway, I am yet to paddle with the boys. Usually Jason is calling all the time to paddle, but with Dane in town he has his full time paddling partner in crime with him, so I am just the old funny looking guy. I think that they have actually been paddling there C-1’s and I am not a member of that club. It can be cold and lonely out there by yourself, but what can I do!

Stephen has also been in town, but not the last week as he was up at the Skook. He is back now though so I am sure that he will go kayaking with me. I had better call him right now!!
Despite the colder weather and LOW water there is still people using the white water park. Two nights ago Lisa and I went to a movie down town, and as I walked by the river as it was getting dark there was a paddler on the water. This guy obviously had it all figured out. He was having a great time surfing away, not caring that is was cold, that the water was low, and that it was getting dark. Did I mention that he was in a yellow Super Star? So, if you are this guy, and you are reading this update, I have one word for you; RESPECT!

NRS was just nice enough to send me some new Mitts and booties so I am ready for the colder weather that isn’t far away. Combine that with my Kokatat dry suit, and sub freezing temperatures are no big deal. They will be here soon enough.

Jay Kincaid