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By Emily Jackson

Hey Everyone!

Today is my third day in Costa Rica and I am already excited to write a report on the hero!
I had never paddled it before the past two days and i was very pleased with it! I was a little nervous since i hadnt run the river or used the boat but both turned out to be awesome. The river was gorgeous easy class 3 with a couple 4 and the scenery was just amazing. It looked like somewhere where you might get a spotting of tarzan. We paddled around 2 hours the first day, hiked around alot, went to swimming holes and looked at creeks. We were doing an overnighter but it did not seem like one at all since the spot we stopped appeared to be a Class 5 resort. It had zip lining, cliff diving, the works. We taught the owners son, Roberto how to roll the next morning in the side kick and he was getting it down in a matter of minutes. Later we headed down the river and the rapids got bigger and even more beautiful! The hero was great for rock spins, boofs and just going down stream. Surfing it and doing enders was awesome. I felt like it floated me pretty high and it didnt feel tippy at all. I dont think i really ever flipped except for one loop attempt.

Well i had better go because my minutes are running out but heres to warm water and happy paddling!