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By Nick Troutman

Check out some of the Reviews of our film HERE & NOW!

My name is Daniel Paquette. I just so happen to watch it last night with of bunch of my paddling buddies. It was unanimous…IT ROCKED! Thank you very much and congradulations for the great DVD

hey man, just wanted to say that the movie kicked ass!! and i’m not just saying that either, it was really good, one of the best movies i’ve seen. lots of good creeking action, but still enough playboating to balence it out. great music, creative editing, all around a really good movie, it one you can watch it once, then watch it right after and still love it. i look forward to what ya’ll come up with next.

Hey Nick!
Also want to say I thought the video was awesome, and you guys did a great job! A lot of sick shots, and the Niagara Gorge was insane! Keep up the good work, and i can’t wait to buy the next FIVEIGHTWO video!
Take care,

Really liked the BIG water; probably wouldn’t get within 10 feet of it, but sure like watching it.

I got my copy of the Here and Now video yesterday and WOW what a video. My son Tristan and I watched it 3 times last night. What a great video to get pumped on for the 2008 season.
Scott Blase

Nick, just got my copy of Here and Now. Watched it more than Dynasty at Keeners. Just emailing you to say sick job buddy. Its well put together and full of sick content. You thinking of having an premiers in Ontario at all? Have a good one and see ya on the river.
Scott Borthwick

Thoroughly enjoyed "Here & Now" and thought you did an excellent job in editing (sent EJ an email about it after first viewing). Keep up the good work!!
Mike Sastre

Great video!
For the Niagra segment alone, its worth it. Unreal whitewater and outstanding performances by each of you. When a wave blows a boat 20+ feet off line, that’s a new definition of big. I want to know how you got a helicopter involved. In terms of epic big water runs and comparing it to Outside magazine’s Tsang Po video, I prefer "Here & Now" for better camera work and more time with boats in the water. Of course, the Tsang Po trip was an entirely different journey, so the video’s have different objectives. That being said, for pure paddling entertainment value, I enjoyed "Here & Now" more.

The other segments are great as well. Quality paddling on big, exotic drops are always fun to watch and great motivators for the rest of us paddlers (Newfoundland looks like a pretty cool place). I thought it was a plus that you showed some of the difficulties/swims also, it reminds us that it can happen to just about anyone given the right circumstances. Looking for ward to the release of your next video.
Hope I’ll see you on a river someday,
Andy Kuhlberg

Nick,Joel,and crew
First let me say that you guys did a incredible,absolute outstanding job on this video.
Wow, the footage, pics, music, content(ie. not a bunch of filler material) athletes ect. all amazing!!

Last but not least, i pre ordered your video and you guys not only exceeded my expectations, but als