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August 24, 2008

By Clay Wright

Great show today – especially since the sun came out!
OC-1 was won handily by James Weir from UK with a flurry of cartwheels but Jez from Australia hit a cartwheel as well along with spins and an entry move for 2nd.
In the Jr. Class, Jacob from Germany pulled it out to top Sebastien from France just ahead of Micheal "LP" Palmer. Dane had been running 3rd till the very last ride and Jason Craig just couldn’t stay in the hole long enough to cash in on his huge tricks.
In the Women’s Class Maria from Sweden’s consistent loops were going huge – earning her Bronze – but Ruth was knocking these out along with some cartwheels and splits in between for the Silver. Emily Jackson who got the only Mcnastys and even an Phonics Monkey to take the Gold.
And the Men’s Class, the cartwheelers were once again out in front early on, but EJ managed a great ‘Euro-style’ throw-down session full of splits, cleans, and Mcnasty’s in addition to some half-straight Tricky-wu’s, backloops, and Lunar orbits – it was surely the highest scoring ride possible but only IF the judges scored all the tricks he threw. So Peter Czonka was once again ruling the day till the very last round. That’s when Dustin Urban stepped it up big-time, with a flurry of big-air loops and a Godzilla that really got the crowd on their feet, followed by the Mcnasty’s and a Phonics to seal the deal. While we all wondered whether the ‘huge’ sequence of fewer hard tricks could possibly match the endless cleans and supercleans between Peter’s rapid-fire tricky-wu’s, I think even the die-hard Csonka fans had to cheer when Dustin’s crowd-pleasing ride ended up on top.
Great day – but we decided to blaze for the next event instead of enjoying the afterglow and now we’re half way to Thun staying in a little hotel after spending 4 hours in Sunday evening traffic and only getting half-way there 🙁 Can’t wait to be in my boat again, and can’t wait to see how the Cup turns in this final round.
Clay Wright.