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August 30, 2008

Today was a busy day as the men got cut from 20 to 10, and then 10 to 5. All other classes were cut from 10 to 5 today for tomorrow finals.
Here is what I know from memory as I didn’t take photos of the results this time, sorry.
Men’s Kayak
Nick Troutman- 880 points
Stephen Wright-580 points
Peter Czonka- 560 points
Dustin Urban- 540 points
Mathieu Domoulin- 527 points
EJ- 270 points and 8th place.
Women’s Kayak
Emily Jackson- 193 Points
Ruth Gordon- 180 points
Marianne Seather- 120 points
Lenka- 110 points
Jutta Kiser- 103 points
Dave from England
Dane Jackson
French Guy- sorry, look for names tomorrow
French Guy 2
Lee Pyke, England
Junior Men’s Kayak
Sam- Switzerland
Jason Craig
Netherlands guy
Dane Jackson
I’ll put up complete results tomorrow.