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October 27, 2008

To Everyone who has been a part of making Jackson Kayak what it is today; Thank You! To Tony Lunt who invested and loaned money to allow us to get started and grow, through all of our mistakes and successes. To our staff who believes in us enough to trust your livelihood and families to us, and have made us what we are with all of your hard work; Thank you. To our customers, who support us by purchasing our products, referring their friends to us, and defending our integrity among your circle of influence; Thank you! Without you, we would have nothing.

5 years ago today, we became Jackson Kayak. We were born, as a company, with a dream of being the best at what we do and with a motto of “live well for yourself, so you can give yourself away to others.”

We are young and have a long way to go as a company. We struggle every day to do the right thing by everyone we come in contact with . Not internally, not conceptually, just in that we are not fortified by years of profits and being self sustaining. We have been growing and developing and we do so at a pace that requires investments into our infrastructure, etc.. We believe our own commitment to our business, our customers, and our staff will allow us to be a shining star during a time when the news wants to report the bad stuff in the economy. We intend to grow, to produce better products, to make our products locally.

For those of you who have been with us for the duration, you have a special place with us, and we appreciate all you have done. For those joining us recently, we welcome you and hope to celebrate many more birthdays, and achieve many more great things together, having fun each step of the way.

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Thank You,