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There are always good reasons for a group of paddlers to get together at a river and have a party after paddling. The paddling is enough, but add a party with your friends and you have a memorable experience that you can chock up as one of life’s experiences. Gauley Fest is certainly one of those times. Today I want to introduce you to a kayaker’s party that is much different than most.

The day starts off with paddling on the Nanty or Ocoee and finishes up at the NOC Resort in Bryson City, NC. NOC should go in the Hall of Fame as a paddling business, as anyone who paddles would know.

Then there will be a sit-down dinner with a video clips of the 2008 Hall of Fame inductees, and awards. While this banquet is being held in the Southeast, USA and I would guess that “most” of the paddlers there will come from the Southeast, you’ll see paddlers from all over the place!

I found out about this event just recently when Risa Shimoda told me that “I should attend” and I didn’t realize that I was being inducted. I am quite honored.

I know from my past experiences with the “Everest Awards” sponsored by Veramonte Wines (yum!) at the Teva Mountain Games that this type of thing is quite fun. I am sure that NOC will host a terrific event.

Here are the details. The cheapest way in is through the NOC website. Buy a single seat or a whole table!

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Meanwhile- I think there will be some vintage EJ footage that I haven’t seen in quite some time. Who knows what we’ll find!