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It is hard to shop for your JK Fans if they have everything already! However, there are quite a few “secrets” that I’ll bet even the most die-hard JK fan doesn’t know about and some cool things that they may not have.
Find these at your favorite dealer or right here at JK…
1. Only $16.95- My Playboating Book has a great, timeless front section on becoming the paddler you want to be…
2. Only $32.95- My new Strokes and Concepts DVD, with over 2 hours of detailed instruction….
3. Fitness Fanatics- Paddle Station– your own kayaking program and machine for $399-
4. Only $19.95- Hero T-shirt– your JK fan either has a Hero kayak already, or is planning on getting one, get this T-Shirt and make them feel loved!
5. It is $38.00 (not super cheap)- But this shirt is my favorite. It is capilene and lasts, and it is even good to wear as a kayaking layer! Very Sharp- made by Patagonia, Sweet!
6. Only $29.95- Hotel Charlie River of Doubt, or Here and Now action Films- check your JK fans DVD collection because these are quite popular before you buy them…
Order by Saturday, December 20th, and we’ll get it out on Monday, December 22nd, just in time!