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By Stephen Wright

It all started with EJ’s idea in the eddy next to Brave Wave. He
wanted to try a cross-bow blunt into a mcnasty on a wave. I was
skeptical (It sounded like a good way to cause my shoulder to leave
the rest of my body)–it sounded painful and generally like a bad
idea. "OK", I said, "Go do it.". He did it the next ride.
Crap….now I have to do it! Though scary at first, it actually goes
just fine and doesn’t hurt–much. After a few successful attempts,
it became clear that this felt a lot like another trick: the Phonix
Monkey–hence the name "WAVE MONKEY"–a Phonix Monkey on a wave.

Some good pre-requisites for the Wave Monkey are being able to
blunt and phonix monkey. To do the Wave Monkey, you want to set up
just like a normal blunt, but reach with the wrong blade to the cross
bow position and PULL. I started by clean blunting on the side I
wanted to do it, so I go used to getting my weight over the bow
without torquing my shoulder. Just pull all the way around a
pirouette and loop. BEAST!!! Just watch the video to see what it
looks like.

You don’t need a big wave to do the wave monkey–we were hitting
it on tiny Rock Island @ 1,500–so it should go almost anywhere–like
the MD Chute, Push Button, or Barking Dog. ENJOY 🙂

Live from Rock Island,
Stephen Wright