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By Billy Harris

I rolled into Canada, the king is back baby. Little did I know the country is running a muck while I am gone. The GOV is trying to dam up a local petawawa river. Are they ever silly? So some of the Local kiddies are organizing an event to protect it. Check it out

Some people are really kind of bone headed. Dam the Pet… do they even know how many people around here fish with dynamite???

The next thing I bump into is the Capitol Cup is missing. Each year I or one of my cohorts steal the cup and send pictures of it in random spots all over the place. The LVL 6 Crew makes Idol threats of making us pay for repairs etc. Its great fun. For us. But now we got problems. Some other bunch of clowns have it now….. Oh what’s this world coming too… the photos are pretty funny though…

Last but not least at all.

LVL 6 Cup SURF OFF. DUO CLASS. Rob from the Cornwall group is showing up with 2 duos I got one and we are going to have a DUO class. Like all the rest of the events you have to pay 5 bucks a person the best trick in a duo gets a bunch of Jackson Swag. There is bonus points for being able to swim the DUO back in as well as shiver points. If you really suffer… we give extra points for that…

We also give prizes for second place. Second place gets something too.

Billy Harris