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Ten Reasons I love Road Trips even more now! Having a Car that Makes it to the end destination! Yahoo! My CD collection that I made Nick for Christmas, Christmas Music is still good in April! Rio and Rupert, my Dogs entertained me the whole time (Rupert Snores) (Rio still chases her tail daily) Looking out at the Great Salt Lake (SUPER COOL) Driving faster than 35 through Wyoming (Crazy Crazy Wind) Subway (need I say more?) Starbucks Gift Card (Thanks Mom, Dad and Dane) No computer, and occasionally no cell phone (sorry parents!) Stopping in Aurora and watching Primal Fear (best movie ever) Nick and I proceeded by creating our other whacky personalities The awesome bed in the back of our Element that my multi talented Hubby Made! (Thanks to My Delicate Peach, don’t ask….)   Now I just cant wait for my parents to arrive! I haven’t seen them in like 5 days…. Its rough I know….

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Ten Reasons I love Road Trips