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By Lauren Burress

has about a mile class I II paddle in. Then you see a huge horizon line, make sure you eddy out. This is the 30 foot waterfall. After watching everybody do at least one run off the waterfall, and getting pointers from everyone. I decided to run it! Feeling very confident in the Little Hero I paddled up to the lip, looked up at Jesse Coombs to make sure I was line, and closed my eyes and tucked. When I rolled up at the bottom (I went a little over vertical)

I was thinking about what had just happened, I was overwhelmed. My first 30 footer was scary, exciting, and gave me an adrenaline rush, all in the same half a second I was free falling. is 30 feet, beating my previous personal record at 22 feet (Bald River Falls). I’m really happy I choose to do this drop, and if I’m in the area when its running again I will definately go back!

Photos courtesy of Stephen Wright



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