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How about a new move that can be done on
most class 2-3 whitewater rivers! This move is unique in that
the goal is to get the boat to go under the water, instead
of over it. The Porpoise is simply diving under the wave you
are surfing on, then resurfacing back into a front surf on
that wave. It is fun stuff if you like going underwater! Squirt
boaters will like this one. How was the Porpoise discovered?
Clay and I were playing on the top waves at Rock Island and
we were working on Donkey Flips and Loops. Like a light bulb
going off, it occurred to me that we go underwater pretty
far when trying a loop. Several times I tried to abort mission
in the middle of a lame loop attempt on this small, not very
retentive wave and was able to pull the bow back up into a
surf. So, before even trying it, I turned to Clay and said,
“I have a new move!” Clay is the best person to
show a new move to, because he is a hard ass on stuff like
that. I surfed out and tried one, getting my head under and
resurfacing, he just looked at me like that was no move. I
tried it again going a little harder and deeper and he seemed
at least interested. Then, I plugged it in hard like I was
doing a loop and got the boat to pop right back out after
going deep and he gave me the thumbs up. The thumbs up means,
“congratulations, you’ve got a new move.”

Here is how you do it:

Find a small slow, slightly breaking
wave to learn. Practice getting to the top of the wave
and dropping in straight as if you were going for a loop.

Drop in fast for a loop leaning forward
hard. When your bow touches water, push your feet down
hard to plug the bow in.

As soon as the water is up to your
sprayskirt, throw your weight back on the back deck to
stop the bow from dropping and create a wedge with your
body for the water to rush over and push your stern under

Once you feel like you are completely
under, lift your knees to your chest pulling the bow back
up and causing your boat to porpoise to the surface on
the wave!


If you don’t get your bow under,
you are being too cautious. Plug it like a loop.

If you don’t get your body under
you aren’t throwing your body back to make the wedge.

If you ender off you are waiting too
long to throw your body back.

If you don’t pop up bow first,
you aren’t pulling up on your knees fast and hard

Give this one a try!!

video of The Porpoise (1.65 MB, Windows Media Player 9 Required)