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I just left the factory and the Hero/Super Hero are both up and running on “Clam 1” our newly renovated oven.    What does this mean?  It means that this river runner/creeker, our newest design is going from a concept and prototype, to a fully dialed in ready to own production boat!   The logos are being molded in for the first time, the production outfitting installed, and running them through quality control.      It will take a while to “fill the pipeline” as we call it here as quite a few are on order and everyone wants them fast!    My recommendation for getting yours as fast as possible is to order it from your local dealer and make sure they order it as “pres0ld” and then they will contact Jackson Kayak directly,  letting us know that you have ordered and put a deposit down on your new Hero or Super Hero.

Why the Hero/Super Hero?

Quick, Stable, Easy to Paddle, Easy to Roll, Easy to Keep Right Side Up, Super Fun to paddle!   This boat will take you anwhere!   Surf it, creek it, river run anything in it.

check the main Hero Page for more Specs and watch the new Hero promo video!