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With spring fast approaching in Colorado the Lyons Kids Club is going gang busters in the pool getting a new crop of beginners ready to keep up with the returning kids in the river. Lyons has again partnered with the City of Longmont to use Centennial Pool in Longmont every Friday night to get the kids tuned up and ready. Each session we have 19 to 20 twenty kids, from beginner to advanced, in the pool. There are also 10-15 parents in with them, either helping the coaches or learning to kayak themselves.

The most watched video in Lyons this year has been EJ’s Rolling and Bracing, which is the system being used to get the new kids and adults rolling in a hurry. My copy of the video started making the rounds, and is still being passed from house to house in Lyons; Thanks EJ!! Hopefully I will get it back someday.  Combine this with our Kids Fun series that offers sizes for kids of all ages (7 or so and up!) and you have a new generation of kayaker!

Here is a quick of one of the pool sessions showing one of our beginners who never sat in a boat before January, along with some of the returning kids throwing their boats around like old hands. Thanks to the Jackson Kayak family for all the support, great boats, and super instruction.


See ya on the river in Lyons soon!

Kevin Parker