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Hit the Brazos in the Coosa this weekend with some friends, the high was 90 degrees on Saturday with a south wind and Sunday it never got above 60 degrees with a north wind. I caught about a dozen fish Saturday, including a spotted bass and one 12” smallmouth. I didn’t see any females on beds, only a few small buck bass on beds. Being able to utilize the elite seat in the high position as well as standing helped a lot when looking in the water for fish on beds or underwater structure to cast near. We had several brands/sizes of kayaks on the river and I was proud to see that I did not drag bottom any more than anyone else even though I had the largest boat with the most gear weighing it down.

My bud Clayton topped us all on Sunday when he CPR’d (Catch, Photo, Release) this 23” long trophy river bass that pushed the scales at 7 lbs! She was full of eggs and had just eaten a shad or perch before she took Clayton’s offering.

I will be representing JK at our dealer in San Marcos, Tx this weekend, TG Canoe and Kayak, at their Springs Fest demo day. If you are in the area, come on out and test drive a Coosa!