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I just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know that the new Jackson Kayak Coosa is not only the best fishing kayak on the market now, but also the awesome sport utility kayak!
My wife, Jennifer, was attack by three dogs on her road bike two weeks ago, which is going to knock her out of paddling and biking for about 4 months 🙁  She will be undergoing some orthopedic surgery on her fractured elbow and torn tricep on Tuesday (4/5/11) to fix the injury. 
For one last adventure together before her surgery, I decided to surprise her with a little paddle trip and picnic on Wilbur Lake last night.  I thought this would be a great time to try out the new JK Coosa for this occasion, since it is so stable!  We headed to the lake and I got the Coosa set up for our little evening cruise.  The new Elite seat is awesome and I put it in the low position for extra stability.  I placed another stadium seat I had in front of me on the floor of the Coosa, so Jen could sit between my legs in comfort.  The boat floated us fine even with our combined 360lb weight!  I paddled us around the lake to check out some waterfalls coming in from other tributaries and discoved little coves that we never knew where there!  We even had a little snack picnic beside a beaver house.  It was a fun date night thanks to the Coosa!