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Picked up my new yak from Great Outdoor Provision Co. charlotte friday. I did have a quick spin friday before dark but this is it`s first real trip. This boat is a dream to paddle. Can be very fast or just cruise along about 2mph easily. It`s 13 1/2 long, 50 lbs, (which aint too shabby for the length) and not even 25 in wide. It is rigged to the max. Front and rear hatches and bulkheads. 3rd day hatch in rear. Front and rear bungees plus reflective perimeter deck lines. Has thigh braces and knee pads on the sides. With a 19 in cockpit-roomy it aint- but I feel right at home tucked in there. The color is really something. Though mostly green it is made with granules of yellow, blue, and red sao it has some really cool accents in places. You have to see it up close to really appreciate it.

Snakehead and myself hit the upper end of Wylie and had a decent day. Barry mainly went after the crappie and took 7 or so but he did catch a nice LMB on a lizard. I got 6 on a floating worm- biggest was pretty good. Also got my first snake grab of the year! Black snake did not have a chance of outrunning this yak. I was talking on the cell with Bazznhokie when I took off after it. “You`re doing what?” I didn`t hang up until after I had it in hand. Be back out there tomorrow. I`m gonna apply myself a little more tomorrow. I was just happy to be out in the new boat. Tomorrow I`m covering some water and shooting for a dozen : )

Stew Rat