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There’s been a lot of buzz lately about the 2011 Colorado runoff season. With good reason. And while Spring runoff has started in certain drainages, prolonged periods of snowfall and unseasonably cool weather has kept the snowpack locked for most Colorado rivers and creeks.

Skiers and riders will tell you the winter of 2010-2011 was one of the best snow seasons in recent history in Northern Colorado. Now, more than a month after most ski areas closed for the season, local and state water officials say that “Colorado’s snowpack has reached unbelievable levels in the northern mountains” and “snow was almost too deep to measure in some places”, and warn of impending flooding as soon as temperatures start rising.

Veteran boaters, on the other hand, reminisce of Colorado’s last epic big water year – 1984, when much of the state was running well above average water levels through Spring and Summer. Compare water content in the snowpack today with that of 1984, and the Poudre and Big South drainage show roughly 25% more water in the snowpack today than this time in 1984. Basins around Steamboat show upwards of 200% average water content, and much of the state hovering between 100-200% of average.

Boys and girls, we are on the verge of another epic big water year, potentially bigger than any boater has ever seen in Colorado history! Break out your dancing shoes because it’s gonna get big!!!

p.s. In the meantime snow is slowly melting from the river banks, and playboating and creeking around Steamboat has begun. Come on over and get some!!

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