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The 3rd Reno Hometown Throwdown of 2011 went-off last night with more than 30 competitors, lots of onlookers, and amazing antics.  EJ may have won the paddling, but the show was stolen by “The Game of Brown” competitors–Klunker, The Yurt, “Donut” Elaine, “P” Erin, and Brown Jeff all encouraged hilarity and made the event fun for all with their CREATIVE paddling and pranks.  Highlights included surfing while eating a donut, paddle toss, and no-paddle loops, in-eddy releif, paddlers intentionally paddling the wrong boat, shudder rudders, intentional carps/windowwshades, and swims, and in infamous brownulation of the Romulator.   Enjoy the photos–high water meant flushy wave, but big air 🙂

Live from Reno, NV,

Stephen Wright

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