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The famous Glenwood Wave in Glenwood Springs, CO is getting to a good level! Right now it’s at around 11,600 CFS. The wave gets to epic proportions around 17,000 CFS. You can check the current flow at The snowpack for the Colorado River basin is at over 180% of normal. It is estimated that peak flows could be over 30,000 CFS, compared to last year’s epic 23,000.

This wave is great for paddlers of many skill levels, and learning everything from your first roundhouse to an airscrew. This is such a great place to learn because its easy to get out when you want to, but its also possible to stick huge tricks! There’s also usually plenty of experienced paddlers in the water, ready to lend advice on tricks or a rescue if you need it.

Some suggestions if it is your first time at the Glenwood Wave:
-Watch for logs, rafts, and other floating hazards. This will be especially important if the river does come up as high as predicted. Its very hard to hear any shouted warnings when you’re in the middle of the wave, so you have to pay attention.
-Don’t bother with the rope if you don’t have experience with it, its probably more trouble than its worth.
-Remember your warm weather kayak gear. Even though it might be sunny, its still Colorado spring!
-Enjoy yourself!

You can view a live webcam of the wave at

The cams for the wave are at the bottom of the page.