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The 2012 season has begun! The first event of the year is always the Alabama Mountain Games. It is an amazing event with tons of different competitions and sports aspects.

Friday started off with the ‘Huckfest’ and freestyle of the lip of an 18 foot tall waterfall. This is always one of my favorite events of the year being it is so different from all the other events. The water levels was a good medium low level and made for a great day. There were tons of tricks thrown and even more carnage. I was paddling my Rockstar was able to pull on a McNasty, some freewheels, a couple back panams and a front flip out of my boat just for fun. I ended up 2nd to Dane with his double backflip and some great freestyle tricks.

After the Huckfest was a mass start boater-cross off the lip and behind the curtain. I had an amazing start and I was out in front until I got behind the falls. I could see the open alley way and was set, though just then Dane went off the lip and behind the falls, putting him 100ft in front of me. Dane won the race with me in 2nd place again.

Saturday was the freestyle comp, bike race and SUP-cross. We started with the Freestyle comp which was at the Kings Bend hole. With low water levels it was difficult to stick a ton of moves, though there was still some stiff competition. I won the men’s class with a couple big loops and Space godzillas, a mcnasty and phonix and a hand full of cartwheels. I also competed in the C-1 class, placing 3rd in my first ever C-1 event.

Next up was the SUP-cross race. It was a 12 person mass start. Dane and I took off well in front of the pack. Though after Dane fell off before the first rapid I was able to take the lead. On the last corner I fell off the board and Mike took the lead and took 1st, while I took 2nd and Dane 3rd .

The last event of the day was the bike race. It was a shorter course, about a mile and a half with most of it being single track downhill. I slipped at the start and put me behind from the word go. Though with some work I was able to pull on 4th place into the single track and was able to make a pass into 3rd for the finish.

It was a great weekend with lots of fun time with friends, good food and good music.


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