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I have been paddling the Super Hero since last June and as soon it got to Maine I was paddling it down the everything from the Kennebec, Penobscot and any other place I could.

I weigh at least 215lbs and always wanted a big boy boat that I could take down anything, especially creeks. This boat is very stable and rolls up quick. Comfortable and nimble. I would recommend a test drive to the bigger paddlers out there.

My friend Mike and I had been checking the levels and scouting out the ice in the West Branch of the Pleasant for a couple of weeks.

We had wanted to get a run down this classic known as Gulf Hagus since we left it last fall.

It is a good idea to wait this gorge out as a few paddlers have had to hike out in the past due to ice dams spanning the gorge. Usually it is ready to run in mid -May but we had done some homework and found the water dropping out fast.

We wanted to spend a week in Hagus just running it every other day but were lucky to catch it on the way out. This is a low level, almost ELFing.

Some of the pictures are at Buttermilk Falls, Snickers and Piton.