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If you have ever been to Tahoe you know that we get some serious wind with our winter storms. Recently we had a storm that had sustained 45-50MPH wind at lake level. When that happens you get some great surf opportunities on Tahoe. Yeah I know what you are thinking. It is a lake in the mountains. How could you possible get waves? When I say waves I don’t just mean 2-3ft waves, but real legitimate 6-8 ft waves with some bigger rogue ones tossed in for good measure. This last storm kicked up some solid 8+ ft swell with a few 10+ft sleepers in there. Fellow JK team member Jessica Yurtinus and World Kayak ambassador Noah Fraser joined me a for a sweet surf session. It is a bit difficult to see the full size of the wave due to the clarity of the water, but rest assured I was able to blunt my fun runner past vert on a few of the bigger waves! This day most of the waves were pushers so they were tall but never got super steep. The extra speed of my Fun Runner let me catch any wave I wanted to maximize the surfing fun. Enjoy the video!

Later ; Colin
Team JK