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>Over the past year I have had the privilege to work with Bo. He has established distribution of JK boats in China! Recently he made a trip to boat with the local JK dealers and to teach some classes to bunches of excited new boaters. I know that after seeing some of the video, I cannot wait to go and boat in China! Here is what Bo had to say about his recent trip.

Nu, means angry in Chinese. Nu River, a river in western China. It’s
> named after its powerful flow. It’s a miracle that such a powerful
> river is still flow freely in energy hungry China. But it won’t last
> forever as several places are already preparing dam construction.
> The angry river has seen several kayak trips. But for local people, it
> was a long time dream. Things became different only since Jackson
> Kayak was introduced into China.
> As the Jackson Kayak distributor in China, paddling with my customers,
> my local dealers is the best part of the business. You watch them
> enjoy the same thing you enjoy. You feel how great their passion is.
> You see their love of the sport. Paddling seems rooted deeply in their
> life. You won’t believe the sport is only introduced to them a few year ago.
> Paddling on Nu River is also my long time dream. This year the local
> Jackson Kayak dealer in Yunnan province helped me fulfilled it. We
> spent several days on the road along the river to document all class
> III and up rapids in a stretch of 300km valley. Then a local kayaker
> join us playing on some of the rapids. I stayed there only for one
> week. But I am sure I will go back again, with more local kayakers as
> well.
> The ‘Angry’ River has its soft side. Except several class 5 rapids,
> most of the rapids are runnable class 3 and 4. It also has many novice
> friendly spots. Most important, a provincial road is right along the
> river bank.
> You can portage any rapids. You even don’t need bring your lunch in
> your boat. You just need jump out the boat and find a restaurant on the road.
> If you want to paddle there, the local dealer will more than happy to
> lend you a boat, of course a Jackson boat, provide shuttle service,
> and paddle with you if you like. They are friendly, happy local guys.
> Although they may not understand English well.
> Thanks.
>The whole trip:
> [youtube][/youtube]
> Long rapids:
> [youtube][/youtube]
> Chenggan rapids: