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So with the winter fading away up here in the great white North I was finally able to get my Coosa out for the first float of the 2012 fishing season. I decided to spend the day on what’s considered to be the Blue Ribbon section of the Bow River just south of Calgary from Mckinnon Flats to the Carsland Weir. It was a solo float and I spent most of day exploring the new holes formed over the winter. Some great holding spots have been created with the ever changing river and although early at this point in the season they will be home to some great catches in the future. I hooked up with a few good trout on the float with the highlight being an acrobatic Rainbow in the 22’’ range ,not uncommon for this section of the river. It made for a great start to the season. This is my favorite section of the Bow river and floating it in my Coosa is one of the reasons I’m addicted to Kayak Fishing. Here’s a quick Video of some highlights of the float.

Stephen Laurie – Jackson Kayak Fishing Team