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The last time I ran this river I was in a Crossfire and was paddling with a couple of open-boaters whom i latched onto after leaving my friends upstream surfing.

Back then we put- in at the bridge in the town of Mattawamkeag and paddled a few rapids, a big wave, then miles of flat-water which at the time i was not to fond of.

Yesterday we drove into the main section and were able to double-up on the best section and enjoy some big-water, summer paddling.

These rapids are shore and boat scoutable, there is a wilderness campground and all this very close to central Maine and the West Branch of the Penobscot.

Dave, Chris, Mike and I could have stayed all day. The level was around 14k and they had run it earlier in the week @ 18k and found it pushy and very doable but did experience some carnage from a group of rafters.

I can not wait to get back there and try to surf some of the big stuff we paddled through!