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I love my Jackson for more reasons than I can count. The stability, the comfortable seat, the access it provides to all of my gear from the sitting position, the carrying capacity… I could go on. But what I really love about my Jackson Cuda is that it allows me to fish with my dog without worrying about her falling out or tipping me over when she tries to “help me land a fish.” I rescued her from a shelter at only 8 weeks old and when I brought her home, she was deathly afraid of water. I spend a lot of time in and around the water, so I knew I had to break her out of her funk. I tried bringing her on my first kayak (not a Jackson) but she was terrified because it was too wobbly and she had nowhere to stand or lie down. That all changed when I brought her on my Cuda. Now she gets visibly excited when I even go near my yak. So I’ve got to thank Jackson for bringing me and my dog even closer together!