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I received my new 2013 Cuda 14 last Thursday. First let me just say what a fabulous looking yak she is. I got a custom Urban Camo on the 2013 model. She’s the prettiest yak I’ve ever seen! 🙂 Only added a couple of accessories so far – 2 anchor trollies, Cuda hatch insert, and a triple Scotty mount up front. I will add the net pockets and maybe do some modifications to the center hatch but other than that, she is ready to rock and roll. She did just that on her maiden voyage on Friday. I caught 6 reds and my personal best flounder. I’m not going to lie, it was my first time paddling in a while so I thought I’d be lagging way behind all day but she glides so well and with such speed, I had no problems keeping up with my partner.

Maiden Voyage – check
Personal Best Flounder (23.5″) – check
Happy Jackson Owner = Priceless!