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Opening weekend of the Chattanooga River Rocks Festival brought with it many exciting events for those in and around Chattanooga, and on the Tennessee River proper.   With over 100 scheduled events stretching 10 days, this unique festival highlights the myriad natural resources to be found in and around Chattanooga, Tennessee, while encouraging and promoting active, fun and healthy lifestyles for all ages.  Whether you prefer to remain on terra firma, or if your bent is more towards the water or skies, or if you simply prefer to enjoy local fare and tunes, there is most certainly something to be found that suits your fancy and fits your schedule.


Jackson boats (and boaters, of course!) were to be found at the Swim the Suck event serving as safety pilots for the open water swimmers, but the Journey turned out to be a force to be reckoned with at the Canoe and Kayak race!  This annual event is always loads of fun, and the seven different categories and $5,000.00 in price money up for grabs draw elite, amateur and novice boaters alike.


And the big news, you ask?!?  In addition to the Journey snagging a fourth place finish in the Women’s Touring 14.5’ and under category, the Journey also scored a FIRST PLACE FINISH in the Men’s Touring 14.5’ and under category (a shout out to Jack Bell for that win!)


Alas, as I was helping with running the event, I didn’t get any pictures; however, I’m working on tracking some down.  I’ll post up as I get them!  In the meantime, that blur you see in your peripheral vision next time you’re on the flat water? Yeah, that one; don’t worry about it.  That’s just the Journey zippin’ by you on the river!  😀


If you happen to be in the area and are curious to check out some of the events, or simply want more information on the Chattanooga River Rocks Festival, their website is definitely worth a visit or several:


Wishing you all a fantastic week, and see you on the water!