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We have this little thing in Nevada called Nevada Day which occurs once a year the last Friday of October. Basically it is a day the entire state takes off work and celebrates living in Nevada, and being a Nevadan. This same weekend my good friend, the husband of teammate Ruth Ebens, puts together a weekend at the California coast call SurFest. About 40 of us descended on Dillan Beach with intentions of kayak surfing, SUPing, slacklining, flying kites, and hula hooping.

Friday was a day to set up camp, sit on the beach, and fly kites. There may have been as many dogs as there were people. The waves weren’t that big in the bay, so Saturday World Kayak Ambassador Noah Fraser and myself went north to a little place called Salmon Creek and had a great time. The waves weren’t huge, but they were steep and fast. Noah was in his FunRunner. The FunRunner is fast and zippy, so he had no problem catching just about every wave. It is also maneuverable, so he was able to blunt and wave wheel. I had my new 2013 Star. This was my first day in my Star on any kind of wave, and I was happy. The new boat is faster, looser, and releases like a champ. I was catching more waves, and all my blunts were going bigger and easier. And the wave wheels. . . let’s just say I couldn’t stop smiling. Saturday night was a little potluck that may have included delicious chili, yellow tail sashimi, and COSTUMES!!!

Sunday was more of the same , but Noah and I were joined in the ocean by some of my favorite people including Toby and Ruth Ebens. I always look forward to SurFest. . . one of my favorite weekends of the year. I also can’t wait to get my 2013 Star back out there in the surf. “I love kayaking!!”

Signing off from the Reno Orthopedic Clinic
Jessica Yurtinus