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This year was an incredible year for me. Between placing in 11 out of 13 freestyle events in my first year as a senior, with 4 1sts. 2nd place in my first world event in seniors. Winning 9 out of 11 events in C1, including taking the win in all 3 events of the world cup, as well as winning the national championships. Placing for the first time in the green race getting second place, breaking the record time on the course along with mike dawson in first. Also placing for my first time ever getting 2nd in the homestake creek race. Getting my first wins in boater cross, with 3 wins over the season, two of which being the final two stages of the grand prix in chile, securing me the 2nd grand prix champion title. Lots of first time runs in california, first time getting to kayak in chile, as well as getting on the futalafu was a big highlight for my year. One of the most amazing rivers i have ever done. And the most insane boatercrosses. And one of the biggest highlights for me was having the honor of being picked up by Red Bull, i hope to hold onto this one and i know we will do awesome thinsgs in the future.

Well the list could go on and on about all my favorites from this year, but this was one of my greatest years. And i cant wait to see what 2013 has to offer. Kicking it off with a bang, starting off in mexico for 10 days then a month in africa in uganda, boating the nile. Great start to a new year.
Check out my highlight video from this year,