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I am putting a daily inspirational note where the photo is part of the message on my Facebook fan page, The purpose of this is two fold.   First I want to share my thoughts about life, love, kayaking, winning, losing, play, work, with anyone interested in my perspective.   I also find that I am more focused on my own priorities in life when I think more about them; creating these daily pieces helps me think about them.    Each one is random in order, so they can be taken out of context, but occasionally a life event, a photo, or question from a friend might prompt the topic.  Today’s number 6 Daily Bread- #lifewithoutcompromise was prompted by a question that Bryan Bonner had.

Here is 4 of them to get an idea of what I am doing- feel free to connect by Facebook:  I just loaded up #6 on my Facebook page… click here








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You can find them by searching with #lifewithoutcompromise, or just checking your newsfeed on your Facebook after you have liked my page, or go to my page and scroll down.

I hope you enjoy them,




p.s. See you on the Water!