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Winter is time to settle down for a bit. Time slows down after the season and it’s the ideal period to prepare the next season, set goals, draw a route on the map and figure out what preparation it’ll take to achieve all this.

It’s also the time to explore the local awesomeness with the friends and to experience until how cold you can get out there. In Millau (Aveyron), where i live now, we are lucky enough to have all kind of access to the wild without even driving. We have a great white water course that we can use all year. The feature is good : It’s th one we use for the Natural Games. The Natural Games will be a world cup next year so training here feels special now !
Then we have all kind of trails to run isolated from the town and roads, or bike. Also we have amazing granit bedrocks style class 4/5 rivers. It doesn’t take a lot of water for them to be in so we quite go there once a week, which is very lucky i have to say.

The Karma is first first choice for this kind of run as this boat secure a lot your paddling and gives you confidence. It’s big, it floats a lot, it takes spedd very quick to squizze arround things and it kills all the hole on your way. The Zen is not for behind though, especially when we are going to paddle the Dourbie river, which is a bit of an easier run. The Zen (i’m using the 65) is a very fast and precise boats. You feel like gliding down the rapids and it goes so fast that it sometimes take over your expectations and you get good ai time on kickers, flyer with so much speed. It adds half a class to the river, and it’s my choice of boat for a local run that i know by heart. It gives to it a taste of a first time !

So this is part of our everyday life here in Millau :



Home paddling-Upper Tarn and Dourbie from Dumoulin mathieu on Vimeo.