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Mariann Saether competing in stage one- photo by WW Grand Prix

We just finished watching the highlight reel from yesterday’s competition. (10am april 29th)   Each athlete’s moves were put on the video for everyone to watch.   The athletes were then given a blank sheet of paper to write down their top 10 men and rank the women 1-7 based on their personal opinion.    It is a big trick competition, but watching it myself it is hard not to be influenced by the entire clip by each athlete…  Having 1 trick to watch would be easier to vote on, as if a paddler does one really good trick and 5 bad ones it doesn’t reflect as well as a paddler that does 7 good ones but none as good as the one the other boater did…    Such is the world of subjective judging.      What if a boater does 3 really good tricks and the votes are split among those tricks?  Hard to say how this will go.      This is an adjust on the fly type of event.   The media team worked until 4am to put this reel together, a big feat!    Today is a day off now as it is too late to do another competition today.     Each paddler is supposed to write top 10 men and rank women but not vote for themselves.    Names on the top of the sheet keeps it honest.

Shouldn’t take long to tally…   Nick and Dane rocked it, and Tino did an awesome McNasty that everyone liked.     The field below top three will be very hard to judge and it could go any which way…   Hard to say how it will go.    Lots of similar rides, similar Pan Ams, Airscrews, helix, etc. etc..  similar heights, etc…   The best video was the final ride at low angle light… you’ll know what I am talking about once this video goes live.   You can vote your top 10 when you see it and compare to the results… will be interesting exercise!     Remember that it is single trick, not best appearing overall paddling on all rides.   That competition is coming up soon…..

OK- this is the second 1/2 of this article- a day later…  the voting was, in fact split up and people who did more than one good trick had people voting for both trick and it made it so no single trick got as many votes.   They decided to have each competitor pick their favorite move and re-do the video to only show that move and this morning we are judging those moves again ranking each paddler relative to the others based on our opinion of the move.     I picked a “mystery flip” that was more of an Ollie/crash loop as I didn’t get air on the Mystery flip… but putting another Pan Am or Air Screw in the mix of 20 of them seemed less likely to be judged well.  Either people will vote for it because I was the only one to do it, or they’ll not vote on it due to lack of air on the loop.   We’ll see in soon enough…     We are doing that in 5 minutes (8:30am on the 30th of April)…  After this is done, we drive to the Rouge for the big water boater cross.  I hope to give you results very soon… live…

Uh… tallying now….  5 more minutes??

And the Results are…


1.  Mariann Saether- 2014 Rock Star

2. Adrienne Levknecht- Jitzu

3. Nichole Mansfield- Jed

4. Martina

5. Sandra

Men’s Class:

1.  Nick Troutman- 2014 Rock Star

2.  Dane Jackson- 2014 Rock Star

3. Tino- 2013 All-Star

4. Devin Scott

5. Gerd

6. Rush Sturgis

7. Kalob Grady

8. Joel Kowalski

9. Chris G

10 Bryan Kirk

11. Casper

12. MAt