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It has been great two days in Karlskrona with our local man, Gunnar , and his Pike Strike gang. Our first day was very ipressive. The first hit I got, just outside the lodge, was obviously a big fish. But from the first moments of the fight it felt weird for a pike.

The fish dashed left and right and the colors showing through the crystal clear water of the Karlskrona archipelago were just not right for a pike. Long story short, I got a great sea trout, estimated around 7 pounds. Very strong fish that gave a great fight and deserved the release it got in the end.

The afternoon was even more interesting, we were fishing a shallow lagoon with my Czech mate Jakub Kabat, a Kilroy afficionado, when suddenly I heard him shouting across the lagoon. When I got to him he had already had a 45 inch+ pike at the side of his kayak. The biggest of his life. So lots of smiles after our first day.

The whole group says hi.

Enjoy fishing, wherever you are.