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First off I need to say how highly impressed I am with my cuda 12. stable, fast, and a blast to fish from. I’ve had it for almost a month now and if I could I would fish 24-7 365 days out of it. My realization of how perfect the cuda is to fish from really set in last weekend. I spoke with a few buddies in the area about a small lake I have never fished in my life and never even knew it existed untill I found a picture of a beautiful bass caught from this lake. After about 15 minutes of planning on Friday night and a long sleepless night I was off to this new body of water. I could not wait to get the cuda out again and just spend a day on the water and hope to catch some nice bass. A few minutes of setting up and getting the rods together and I was launching the yak. I swiftly paddled across the lake to the opposite side and threw my lure in like an excited 5 year old fishing for the first time. Of course and not to my suprise the first retrieve of the lure turned up with no fish. The second cast which I though was probably my best cast ever landed just under an overhanging branch and was reeled in slowly. Now, this lake has a ton of high grass so an occasional tug or weight on the rod seemed normal to me. With the lure almost to the cuda I felt that “weed weight” again only this time it was not grass it was a PIG. I frantically started fighting this fish left to right while reaching for the net and making sure to not pull too hard to the point I would lose this fish. The cuda started to swing out to the left and I saw her for the first time. It was a very nice largemouth fighting to get off the line of my rod and reel. Finally, for what seemed like an eternity, I netted her. After really feeling the weight just from the fish being in the net I knew it was the one. The largemouth I caught that day from my Jackson cuda 12 by no means is a HUGE fish to southern standards but in my opinion is a monster for southwestern PA. This fish ended up totaling in length at 18.25 inches and was WAY over my previous personal best length of around 16 inches that I set around two years ago! I spent the rest of that day with the biggest smile on my face and ended up catching multiple largemouth bass all over 16 inches. Each and every one of the fish I caught last weekend blew my personal best length away. I’ve said it to my buddies for the rest of the week and I’ll say this again. That Saturday was by far the best day of fishing I’ve ever had in my life. I want to personally thank Jackson kayak for creating such a awesome fishing kayak and for also helping me catch my biggest largemouth to date. The cuda 12 is an awesome platform to fish from especially if you cartop like myself. I’ll be honest, I looked at countless other brands before deciding to go with Jackson and boy am I glad I got one! It’s a no brainer here folks Jackson kayak is the best on the market. the elite seat,Comfort,stability,speed,awesome color schemes and the partnership with ram and go pro are just some of the reasons to look into these kayaks. And, to top it all off, It helps to catch GIANT personal record beating bass! Thank you Jackson for creating such an awesome product. This story pretty much outlines why my Jackson cuda is “the one” to me…… One hell of a kayak!!

Sincerely, Joe Floriolli – A extremely happy Jackson cuda 12 owner